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Most Beautiful Story

Most Beautiful Story Bracelet

What better way to tell the story of Christ to everyone who compliments you on your bracelet, share the story through each bead and charm.
The Most Beautiful Story
A star (star charm) guided three Wise man (3 beads) to the birth of a new King (clear bead). His father was a carpenter (wood bead) and He, a fisher of man (fish charm), 12 Apostles (large bead) spread His word (clear bead). But on a dark day of treason He was crucified (cross charm) and shed His blood for our salvation (red bead). He rouse to the heavens (blue bead) and now sits as the son, along the side of the Father and the Holy Spirit (3 beads) and did it all for love (heart).
Comes in assorted colors

7.25in. long bracelet
Handmade with care in the USA
2x2 Story card included.